Research Organizations

In today’s digital age, data-driven science is once again changing the research landscape. Technology provides the opportunity to collect and share information that underlies research to increase efficiencies and lower costs. This further enables opportunities for global collaboration, but also presents new challenges in evaluating research, such as the issue of “clean data.” There is a need to be able to filter, validate, and analyze this work, while integrating the input and direct evaluation of the scientific expert community.

HealthSaaS helps research organizations engaged in all forms of health research, including clinical research, translational research, and comparative effectiveness research, to reach new levels of continued growth. Our proven experience coupled with our cost-effectiveness and flexibility yields a high return on investment for research organizations.

HealthSaaS clinical trial and research study tools and services improve data quality and reduce data variance, enabling sponsors to be confident in their data. HealthSaaS offers the most robust set of features and capabilities in the industry, providing sponsors with the most flexibility when designing their trials and studies.

  • Built on the HealthSaaS Connected Outcomes Platform
  • Accurate and verifiable timestamps
  • Programmed branching logic and screen sequence controls
  • Completeness rules and always-legible reports
  • Real-time reporting
  • Real-time symptom scoring, alerts and calculations as subjects enter data
  • Seamless mid-study changes
  • Site functionality including questionnaires and eligibility criteria calculations
  • Flexible designs for patient populations of all ages
  • Caregiver portals
  • Front-end edit checks and range rules
  • Compliance and enrollment standard data summaries
  • Study-specific reports including alerts and eligibility
  • Exclusive configurable email alerts based on symptom data and real-time calculations
  • Tracking reports utilization per each individual user
  • A convenient calendar view of patient diary compliance
  • Updates and data clarifications by authorized users
  • Permission-based access to all reports and data
  • Full sponsor control of user administration and authorization
  • Site-to-subject messaging to mobile patient devices


HealthSaaS technologies were a key differentiator in receiving the grant award from IASP. This project is exciting because we are using the latest technologies to facilitate "borderless" case consultation with real time access to actual patient data. The best part is that patients, care providers and researchers can use the HealthSaaS Connected Outcomes Platform to access a patient’s information anywhere there is a connection to the internet.

Dr. Beth Darnall, OHSU (Oregon Health & Science University)

Utilizing the connectivity, tools and graphical reports offered by the HealthSaaS Connected Outcomes Platform can assist health care providers in managing patients more effectively. We are confident that patients will gain significant benefit from an interactive site which allows them to securely share results with their health care providers.

Dr. Gordon Irving, Medical Director / Swedish Pain and Headache Center

The HealthSaaS Connected Outcomes Platform will enable iMPak Health to not only provide consumer centric devices, but to offer solution based information to the clinicians in an actionable manner. The ability to provide a low cost, end-to-end solution will ultimately create the most value for providers and patients.

Sandra Elliott, Director, Consumer Technology and Service Development