Remote Patient Monitoring

smaller remote pat monitoring
HealthSaaS Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) technology makes it easier for patients with long term chronic conditions such as CHF, COPD hypertension, diabetes and chronic pain to stay connected to their clinical care team with simple to use home based devices.

HealthSaaS provides HIPPA secure and integrated data from over 100 devices to the “point of care” wherever the clinician is located. These devices include blood glucose monitors, blood pressure monitors, pulse oximeters, pedometers, weight scales and more.

Consistent monitoring of patient device data and care plan adherence can enable clinicians to rapidly respond to clinically relevant patient health information. Rapid response to patient events can facilitate early interventions, reduce  hospitalizations, readmissions and associated penalties.

HealthSaaS products are registered as an FDA Class I Medical Device Data System (MDDS). As an MDDS, it is designed and developed in accordance with a quality system compliant with ISO13485 standards so it aligns with the quality requirements of U.S. and international regulatory agencies in the healthcare industry.

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