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Reduction of
Inpatient Days
54% 57% 99% RPM AI-Powered Remote Patient Monitoring and Clinical Decision Support EHR INTEGRATIONS
CarePath Kits Remote Patient Monitoring Ready to use out of the box View Kits Kits Seamless. Connected. Secure.
HealthSaaS CarePath Remote Patient Monitoring is Predictive Condition Management and Real-Time Care Decision Support Integrated into clinicians' Existing Workflow

CarePath RPM

Remote Patient Monitoring
AI powered, FDA cleared, HITECH & HIPAA compliant cloud based RPM with EHR integration.


CarePath Rx

Medication Management
Available as a stand-alone solution, or as a component of CarePath Remote Patient Monitoring.

HealthSaaS CarePath with the smartest AI in remote patient monitoring

CarePath Connect

Clinical Decision Support
Powered by the smartest AI in remote patient monitoring, clinically shown 99% accurate.

HealthSaaS AI solutions to get you back to school, work, and living life!

CarePath Checkup

AI Covid-19 Symptom Checker
A powerful AI app in the fight against COVID-19, CarePath Checkup™ is available for white label integrations.

CarePathTM Remote Patient Monitoring Kits

Ready to use out of the box, with all hardware and software pre-configured and fully supported by HealthSaaS.


We offer flexible financing and rapid rollout no matter how sizeable your need.

Infectious Care
  • Pulse Oximeter
  • Body Temperature
  • Smart Pill Box


Diabetes Care
  • Glucose Monitor
  • Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Weight Scale
  • Activity Tracker

Cardiac Care
  • Pulse Oximeter
  • Smart Pill Box

  • Blood Pressure Monitor

  • Weight Scale

  • Activity Tracker

CarePath AI™


CarePath Connect Patient Assessments

CarePath Connect uses AI to asses patient condition and predict outcomes. It is highly correlated with attending physician patient assessments.

HealthSaaS CarePath Remote Patient Monitoring and Care Decision Support.
  • 91% AI primary diagnosis agrees with independent physician diagnosis

  • 8% AI final primary diagnosis is in the differential (meaning further physical examination required to narrow down the final diagnosis)

  • 1% error due to patient condition outside of study parameters


Computerized Healthcare Access and Management Project (CHAMP) joint study sponsored by OHSU, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, and AkeLex evaluating AI enabled patient assessment of 25 primary care chief complaints.

CarePath Checkup

COVID-19 Solutions

Reduce the likelihood of COVID-19 exposure

Reduce school/venue liability

Safely get kids and teachers back in school, and reopen venues for live events!

HealthSaaS is a free health assessment service powered by the smartest AI in remote patient monitoring




  • Free Anonymous Online Symptom checker
  • Built on CarePath AI
  • Provides a personalized condition risk assessment report and action plan

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